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The Nikon-F

In 1959, Japanese designers created a pioneering achievement with the Nikon F and its newly designed bayonet mount.

One of the great innovations of the newly created system was the automatic folding of the mirror, which up to this point had to be manually brought into its starting position after being triggered.

The F bayonet, which impresses with its wide range of compatibility, was probably a decisive reason for its success. With this series, Nikon succeeded in shaping photojournalism and reflex photography for decades.

Nikon F Eyelevel chrome outfit

A Nikon F from the first year of production. It’s showing all original early features that characterize this model.
One of the first modern journalist camera used in the field.

€ 2.200*

Nikon F2SB chrome

The second type of the Nikon F. This camera is fully mechanical and is considered a real
workhorse in the SLR system..

€ 780 incl. VAT

Nikon F3/T Black

A special Version of the Nikon F3. The F3/T was made of titanium and convinces with its indestructible robustness. It was available in two Different color variations.

€ 890*


Nikon FM2 chrome


The Nikon FM2 is a fully mechanical camera which was built until 2001. 
One of its unique features was its shutter speed up to 1/4000s. 

€ 420*

Nikkormat FTN Black

In order to make photography accessible to a wider audience, a simplified version of the Nikon F was brought onto the market with the Nikkormat. It was considered an inexpensive entry-level model in the SLR system, but with direct heritage from the pro-series.

€ 290*

* This items is sold with margin scheme taxation. Included VAT will not be stated on the invoice.

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